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Complacency and self indulgence were having a chat the other day.

Complacancy was saying. “ my those other Christians are far too serious. “ Eat drink and be merry I say and then explode into heaven Painless death though thank you very much.”.”

Laziness said. “ Yes but get someone else to prepare the food and get great entertainment to make you merry. A few drinks are OK and I can watch what I like on TV.”

Christian said – “Hey you guys want to pray and go and do some outreach?”

Nah choresed Complacancy and Laziness. We are far too – schedule too – Nah Don’t think we should.We want our lives to be a witness – Don’t need to say anything if you are as good as us!”

We are serious loving organised Brothers, Sanctified.

“Oh” said Christian.” Serious – S.Loving L ,Organised O ,Sanctified S, s-l-o-b-s – You are slobs?”.

“Now see here said laziness – if I had more energy I’d I’d!!!

Don’t worry said complacancy = Who cares. We’re saved that is all that matters.

That is where temptation ends up it is the devils plans – He doesn’t care how he distracts you as long as you are not doing god’s business.

Temptation can lead you to a place like this. When you have grace you can live with failures because you are at least attempting great things for God.

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