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“Johnny Cash once did an album called “American Recordings.” On the album cover is a picture of two dogs. One dog is black with a white stripe. The other dog is white with a black stripe. The two dogs are meant to say something about to say something about Johnny Cash.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cash explains what the two dogs mean. “Their names are Sin and Redemption. Sin is the black one with the white stripe; Redemption is the white one with the black stripe. That’s kind of the theme for the album, and for me, too. When I was really bad, I was not all bad. When I was trying to be good, I could never be all good. There would be the black stripe going through.” ” (Cited from: Craig Brian Larson. ed. Illustrations For Preachers, Teachers & Writers. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1996, p. 184).

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