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Text Illustrations
Adam and Eve were living the kind of life people can only dream about…

I think that’s the kind of dream that makes a show like “Deal or No Deal” so popular. (In case you haven’t seen it, the TV show has 26 suitcases up on stage … and the Contestant must choose the ONE they think is worth a million dollars. Then there’s all kinds of suspense as they pick from the suitcases one by one to eliminate them ... hoping for the best.) Well, Adam and Eve had the “Deal or No Deal” set up … with a twist

Picture yourself playing the Garden of Eden Game Show (work with me now…) In The Garden of Eden Game, ALL the suitcases except one are winners. Not only that, but the Game Show Host calls you to the side and gives you inside information. He tells you, “You can pick ANY of these suitcases and you’ll win it all … but don’t pick number 26 over there. That one will wipe out your winnings and you’ll be out of the game forever.” What a set up! Only one wrong suitcase, and the Host TELLS you which one it is. You can’t lose! Right? …

Well, that’s the way it seemed when God told Adam and Eve: “You can eat from ANY tree in the Garden … except this one.”If there’s only ONE wrong choice and the Host tells you which suitcase not to choose … there is only one reason you would lose … that reason is if you don’t trust the Host.

And that’s the tragedy of Adam and Eve’s sin. There was nothing special about the fruit they ate … it wasn’t poisonous … it didn’t hold some magical power. But the act of eating it showed that way down in their deepest hearts, they did not trust their Creator. How that must have broken God’s heart!