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2. Gary Thomas, a friend of Rick Warren, noticed that many Christians were stuck in a worship rut. He raised the question, “Since God has intentionally made us all different, why should everyone be expected to love (worship) God the same way?”(1) Gary has discovered that for 2,000 years Christians have used many different paths to enjoy intimacy with God. In his book Sacred Pathways, Gary identifies nine ways that people draw near to God:

· Naturalists love God best when they are outdoors.

· Sensates love God best when all their senses are engaged.

· Traditionalists love God best when they are able to stick close to ritual, symbols, and familiarity.

· Ascetics love God best in solitude and simplicity.

· Activists love God best when they are battling injustice and evil.

· Caregivers love God best through caring for those who hurt.

· Enthusiasts love God best by experiencing celebration.

· Contemplatives love God best through adoration and meditation.

· Intellectuals ...

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