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The story is told of a young soldier in the army of Alexander the Great who, during one violent battle, could not control the fear that gripped him. The young man turned from the battle and fled. In the course of his attempt to flee, an officer apprehended him and took in chains to stand before the great general. Alexander the Great asked the young soldier his name to which the frightened soldier replied: “Alexander, sir.” The great general harshly declared: “Young man, change your ways or change your name! Now, return to your duty station and see to it that you never stand before me again with such a charge made against you.”

After the battle was over and the army of Alexander the Great had prevailed, the same officer took the liberty to take young Alexander to his commander, but this time not in chains. The officer reported that the young soldier returned to his unit as he was told to do, and in the course of the rest of the battle conducted himself with outstanding valor and bravery. The great general was so impressed that he promoted and decorated both Alexander and the officer. And as Paul Harvey would say: “That’s the rest of the story!”

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