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There’s a Far Side cartoon that shows a bum sitting in a dirty alley, and there’s a giant bug next to him. And the bug is saying, “There I was, vice president, stock options, corner office, Mercedes, then one day someone comes in and says, “Wait a minute! He’s nothing but a giant cockroach!”

Very few of us in life are worthy of the corner office and stock options and the adoration that goes with it. And very few of us in life are worthy of being called giant cockroaches. In other words, never believe you’re as good as everyone thinks you are, because then you’ll become complacent and stop serving. And never believe you’re as bad as they say you are, because God knows better. A guy named Shakespeare put it this way, “To thine own self be true.” Never forget whose image is reflected through you. It’s only a reflection, but it’s a reflection of God.

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