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Text Illustrations
Encouragement: -- There were four boys, all brothers, walking along the banks of a stream, and playing as they went. Like most boys, their idea of fun was to go as far into danger as they could, and at length one of them fell into a deep place. He could not swim, but immediately his brother who could, plunged in to rescue him. He got hold of him but could not bring him to the bank, then another brother, catching hold of a branch, stretched his body out its whole length so that the swimmer could catch hold, and thus all three were brought safe to land. When they got home they all began to tell their father about the affair. "Now give me time," he said, "and I’ll hear you all." Turning to the oldest, he asked, "When your brother fell into the river what did you do towards his rescue?" "Well, father, at first I was paralyzed with fear, and I stood on the bank for some seconds trembling for his safety, then I recovered myself and plunging in, caught hold of him, and strove to bring him to shore." Then facing the second boy he said, "And what did you do to rescue your brother?" "I could not swim, father, but when I saw they could not reach the shore, I bridged the water between them and the bank so that they might pull themselves in." Now there only remained the youngest, a little fellow of four years, and turning to him the father asked, "And what did you do? Oh, father, I could do nothing. I just stood on the bank and clapped my hands and shouted, "Well done, well done!" "Yes, well done, my boys, all of you, I am proud to have such sons," exclaimed the happy father. Christians, standing safe on the bank, What have you done for the rescue of your brother? At least you can by your words and prayers encourage others who are stronger to go to the rescue of the lost. The working layman: The Biblical Illustrator