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Why God?

God, why did this happen,

Questions my soul needs to know.

If you really love me

Why am I hurting so?

Why did you let it happen?

The power is in your hand.

Why did you not stop it?

Please help me understand.

I know it’s for a purpose.

I have to figure out

What is your reason.

Please help me with my doubt.

Is there some lesson

That I am suppose to learn?

By walking through this faithfully

Your favor will I earn?

Is it because you want me to know

What suffering really means

So I will be more grateful

For the joy better days will bring?

The Bible says you will never leave me

And you cannot tell a lie.

But my heart is hurting so bad.

Please God tell me why.

Job 10:1-3

Quoted from "The Poems of an Anointed Addict" by Marie Featherson

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