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Bob Evans was blind. For the first 51 years of his life he lived in a dark world filled with sounds, but not sight. Then delicate surgery was performed, & for the first time in his life, he could see.

He has written of his experience in seeing things for the very first time, He wrote, "I couldn’t believe yellow. I never dreamed that yellow was so, well, yellow. And red. Red is my favorite color. It’s so brilliant & warm & penetrating. Then there are the airplanes flying high in the sky, stretching their vapor trails behind them. I love watching the airplanes."

"And the sunsets. There are times when I just sit outside to drink in the beauty of a sunset, followed by a night filled with the brilliant light of the stars, blinking in the heavens." He went on, "I wonder if you realize just how wonderful the gift of sight really is?"

We have always seen, haven’t we? We just open our eyes. Sometimes we need a little help from glasses that correct our vision & bring things into focus. But most of us have always had this wonderful gift of sight.

Bob Evans also wrote, "All my life I was surrounded by beauty & I never realized it until now. I didn’t even know what I was missing."

It is possible for us to be that way with God, too, isn’t it? To come to church & sing songs of praise, even to pray & read His Word, & yet never know Him, to know only what others have learned of Him & have taught us, but never really to know Him for ourselves.

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