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Text Illustrations
3. Columbus success actually destroyed his integrity and Christian character and according to Marshall and Manuel: 3 self-centered evil motives invaded his life and the result was God’s way was driven out of his life for a long time and his own self-centered and ego driven way took control.

a. The three self-centered evil traits were:

i. Greed – his pursuit changed from God to gold and he would stop at nothing to get it from this new world and its people.

ii. Power – His obsessive drive for more and more power and control led him to be responsible for destroying thousands of lives for the sake of himself.

iii. Pride – His arrogant demands for titles, honor and praise set him up to become so arrogant and repugnant that at one time he was so rude and conceited with the King of Portugal that one of the guards of the King wanted to strike him dead on the spot.