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Text Illustrations
The following thoughts come from: http://findarticles.com/p/articles: “A generational curse is defined as ‘family bondage’ passed down from one generation to the next, says Rev. Dr. Sheron Patterson, senior pastor of Highland Hills United Methodist Church in Dallas. "Many families are unaware that they are caught up in generational curses because it is so normal and natural to them,’ she explains. "It’s not until they get counseling or they really look at the outside world that they see their world is warped and wicked and sometimes twisted.’ Negative patterns of behavior that could be considered generational curses are physical abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and alcoholism. ‘It’s a problem that has the family bound up,’ says Patterson. ‘Whether it’s teen pregnancy and grandmama was a teen mama and mama was one and you’re one and you never married the father. That’s the frostily being bound up in a very negative situation. And it seems natural and normal to them.’ Divorce could also be considered a generational curse, says Patterson. ‘People whose parents had multiple divorces and then you have multiple divorces. People who just can’t stay together and just can’t be marriage material.’ Patterson says that people imitate what they see, which oftentimes makes a generational cruse a ‘learned behavior.’ ‘I think one generation may fall into a bad habit or negative situation and they were never able to pull themselves out of it and they wind up making it internalized into the family system and the ones that follow them just follow that pattern.’…Negative patterns of behavior that are perpetuated, says Johnson, are often taught.”