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Text Illustrations
Hands on illustration:

Have a timer with on the pulpit – set it for 30 minutes in front of everyone. The lesson from the timer is what motivated Solomon to write the book of Ecclesiastes because time was running out for him and for many others. It made him think about eternity and where he was going. The lesson from the timer is this for us today:

* 562 children died in 3rd world poverty ridden countries in the 30 minutes this timer ticks.

* 5 people died of aids in the US in the 30 minutes.

* 18 people in the US died from injuries in the last 30 minutes.

* 2 people in the US committed suicide in the last 30 minutes.

* 4 people died of a heart attack in the US in the last 30 minutes.

When the timer goes off share how many people have died in that time frame and ask them to think about how many people lived useless – meaningless lives! They wasted their time and have nothing to show for their lifetime. How many senseless deaths have occurred in the last 30 minutes across the world.