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An open door which no man can shut, and a closed door which no man can open, are indications of God’s way. Rev. 3:8.

One morning at a hotel at Denver I inquired of the Lord what I should do that day. The answer came to my heart: "Write to Marion, and to Mrs. Reynolds, and finish your article for the Advocate." I wrote the letters and was writing the article when I remembered I had promised to call upon a friend the next time I was in Denver, and started to go to her. But I thought: "I asked the Lord what I should do, and He told me to write, He could have told me to call on Mrs. Silvey if that was what He had wanted." So I obeyed Him and went on with my writing. Just as I finished Mr. Morrow came in to take me to the train. As we entered the depot I met the friend on whom I intended to call. She and her husband were going to a wedding, in the same city and at the same hotel where we had meant to stop. She invited us to the wedding, and we had a long visit together. "I have been so busy all day I have not sat down a moment." she said. Then I saw the providence, and that my call upon her would have been no comfort to either of us, and I could say, like one of old, "Blessed be the Lord God. . . which led me in the right way." Gen. 24:48

--Mrs. Abbie C. Morrow

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