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Years ago, my brother and I were fishing off a pier with four other people. It was so hot that the fish (white bass) were just floating on the surface of the water and had no interest in biting any bait. Those of us on the pier all decided just to snag the fish with treble hooks. Knowing this was illegal, we told each other to watch out for the ranger and as soon as we see him, we would change to regular legal fishing.

Sure enough, the ranger showed up, and we all changed to legal fishing. The ranger asked how fishing was, and we said alright because we all had 6-8 fish on our catch lines, but the blood on the sides of the fish were evident! But the ranger couldn’t do anything, for he did not catch us in illegal action.

As the ranger left, he noticed two young boys "fishing" illegally off the side of the pier (we weren’t aware that those boys were there snagging fish). The ranger of course said, "Hey boys, don’t you know it’s illegal to snag fish!" The boys of course replied and pointed towards us adults, "Well, they were doing it!!"

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