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The truth is, people who strive for a clear conscience in life do not understand the seriousness of their sin.

Most you here in this room, in fact, probably all of you in this room are better drivers than I am. Now I’m not saying that I am not a skilled driver, no, I have driving skills...and that’s part of the problem. I commuted for many years in the SF Bay Area where speed and agility at close quarters win the day. I also drove in New Jersey for years where taking advantage of the other drivers at ever opportunity, wins the day.

When I drive here in Anchorage, though I am learning to be a nicer driver, when I drive, I will drive around you when you are going too slow, drive closer to you than you find comfortable, I will pull in front of you if you give me the opportunity, and I will steal your turn at a four-way stop if given the opportunity.

Many, if not most of you here, are appalled at how I just described my driving habits--but I tell you, when I pull into that parking space - my conscience is clear, but does that mean I have not sinned?

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