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Seen the new Coke commercials? Coca-cola is one product that has far outgrown its humble beginnings. In 1886, Pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton first introduced Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. The pharmacist concocted a caramel-colored syrup in a three-legged brass kettle in his backyard. He first "distributed" Coca-Cola by carrying it in a jug down the street to Jacobs Pharmacy. Over 120 years later, surveys show that 97% of the world has heard of Coca-Cola. 72% of the world has seen a can of Coca-Cola. 51% of the world has tasted a can of Coca-Cola. YOU KNOW WHY? All due to the fact that the Coca-Cola Company made a commitment years ago that every one on the planet would have a taste of their soft drink. Latest tag line...THE COKE SIDE OF LIFE!

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