Text Illustrations
Robin Meyers, in his book Morning Sun on a White Piano, quotes theologian Ernest Campbell who summarizes the ministry of Jesus with these words: “A reforming Jew, convinced that the people had turned love into legalism, [Jesus] went about asking those people who thought they were ‘in’ (Pharisees, Sadducees, and other officially religious people), ‘Are you sure you’re in? . . .I know you think you re in, but are you sure you re in?’ And to those who thought they were ‘out’ (widows, tax collectors, prostitutes, the sick and dispossessed, and other officially irreligious people), he asked, ‘Are you sure you re out? . . .I know you think you’re out, but are you sure you re out?’” Meyers goes on to say, “His ministry was one of constant and unbridled compassion, and his parables made the point again and again: our thoughts are not God s thoughts, even on our best days.”