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Text Illustrations
Once upon a time a farmer, a cow, a chicken and a pig were all having a heated discussion as to who contributes most to the breakfast table. When it seemed that there was no resolution to the debate that evening, it was agreed that the next morning’s meal would bear the answer. When the morning came the farmer was proud to see the wonderful baked goods and biscuits made from the wheat that he had grown. The cow also grinned with delight as large glasses of cold milk were poured and rich creamery butter was placed on the table. The chicken cackled arrogantly as fried and scrambled eggs filled the plates before each of them. The clamor in the room grew as each one boasted of their contribution to the morning feast until they noticed that the pig was not present at the table. Silence filled the room as they hung their heads in shame as a large plate was set in the middle of the table piled high with ham and bacon. They all realized that they merely gave to the breakfast but the pig committed himself totally.