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The Doubting of Thomas

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Jun 7, 2010

In 1943, Dorothy Sayers created a series of dramatic readings from the life of Christ for broadcast on the BBC. They are published under the title, The Man Born to Be King. For each of the plays, Sayers offers notes on the characters and the way they should be read. She writes this about Thomas' profession: "It is unexpected, but extraordinarily convincing, that the one absolutely unequivocal statement, in the whole Gospel, of the Divinity of Jesus should come from Doubting Thomas. It is the only place where the word 'God' is used of him without qualification of any kind, and in the most unambiguous form of words (not merely theos but ho theos mou with the definite article). And this must be said, not ecstatically, or with a cry of astonishment, but with flat conviction, as of one acknowledging irrefragable evidence: '2 + 2 = 4', 'That is the sun in the sky,' 'You are my Lord and my God.'"

I would think that each of us, at times, has doubts. For that reason, I think it is helpful to remember that the "incredulity of Thomas has done us more good than the faith of Mary."

(Source: Gregory, Quoted in J. C. Ryle, John, 3.467-468. From a sermon by Glenn Durham, How Do You Respond to the Jesus of the Book? 6/2/2010)

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