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The story is told of a remarkable event that took place a little more than 30 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. Darrel Dore was working on an oil rig when the rig suddenly started to wobble. Before too long, the rig tipped to one side and crashed into the water. Darrel found himself trapped inside a room on the rig. As the rig sank deeper and deeper into the water, the lights went out and the room where Darrel was trapped began filling with water. Thrashing about in the darkness, Darrel made a life-saving discovery--a huge air bubble was forming in the corner of the room. Darrel kept his head inside that bubble of air and prayed that someone would find him.

As he prayed and waited for hours, Darrel saw a tiny star of light shimmering in the pitch-black water. Was it real or, after so many hours, was he beginning to hallucinate from lack of oxygen! Darrel squinted his eyes--the light seemed to grow brighter. He squinted again--he wasn't hallucinating. The light was real! It was coming from a helmet of a diver who was coming to rescue him. His long nightmare was over; he was saved!

I'm reminded of the Negro Spiritual, based upon the Words of Jesus Christ Himself, recorded by the Disciple/Apostle Matthew, in Matthew 5:14-16 (KJV), ...

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