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There was an article a few years ago in which a man gave his idea of a perfect world. He said, "In a perfect world you would feel as good at 60 as you did at 17. And you would be as smart at 60 as you thought you were at 17."

"In a perfect world professional basketball and baseball and football players would be complaining because schoolteachers were signing multi-million dollar contracts. In a perfect world potato chips would have calories, but if eaten with dip, the calories would be neutralized."

"In a perfect world, mail would always be early, and the check in the mail would always be for more than you expected it to be."

The truth is: this is not a perfect world and it never will be! But it can become a lot better in this New Year for all of us.

SOURCE: Steve Shepherd in "A New Year-A New Life" on www.sermoncentral.com.

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