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About 64% of U.S. teens go online while watching TV, and 49% do so from three times a week to several times a day, reports researcher Grunewald Associates LLC. 73% of TV-online multitasking kids are engaged in “active multitasking,” defined as content in one medium influencing concurrent behavior in another. This trend represents a 33% increase in active multitasking since 2002. While kids are using more media, their attention primarily and overwhelmingly is focused on their online activities. 50% of 9- to-17-year-olds visit Web sites they see on TV even as they continue to watch. 45% have sent instant messages or e-mail to others they knew were watching the same show. 33% have participated in online polls, entered contests, played online games or other online activities that TV programs have directed them to while they are watching. Online activities are the primary focus of TV-online multitaskers, and an increasing determinant of what they choose to watch: 47% of kids focus their attention primarily online while multitasking between TV and the Internet, 42% focus on TV and online activities equally while TV holds the primary attention of only 11% while multitasking and 17% choose what to watch on TV based on what they are doing online--up from 10% in 2002. Active multitasking and social networking present a tremendous opportunity to inform, engage and empower kids more deeply than ever before.

(Online Media Daily 3/10/08)

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