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Americans Are Most Likely to Base Truth On Feelings

Pontius Pilate asked the classic question, “What is truth?” Do you know what Americans think about truth? Find out in this week’s report.

· By a 3-to-1 margin (64% vs. 22%) adults said truth is always

relative to a person’s situation. The perspective was even more lopsided among teenagers.

· People are most likely to make their moral and ethical decisions on

the basis of whatever feels right or comfortable in a situation. The Bible or religious teachings were primary for a small percentage of adults and teens.

· Whites, blacks and Hispanics differed substantially on these


· While born again Christians were statistically different from

non-born again individuals, the differences were minimal; a minority of born agains believe in absolute truth; and a minority base their moral choices on Scripture.

The Barna Update: 2/12/02

A bi-weekly e-mail from George Barna

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