Text Illustrations
A story is told of a teacher who asked a class of students, ‘What would you wish for if you had one wish?”

One enthusiastic student shouted out, “Mama, I would wish for a big house for my family and myself.”

Another student proudly stood up and said, “I would wish for lots of land, to plant an orchard and export fruits.”

A third student, unable to contain himself declared, ‘Sir, give me the latest automobile.”

Then a young chap stood up, as if possess with all the wisdom of Solomon and said, “Sir, I would ask for a million, million dollars or more. You see, with that I could buy the house the orchard and the latest automobile!”

The teacher then called upon a shy student, sitting quietly in the back, trying to avoid attention and asked, “And what would you wish for?”

The shy student stood up timidly and whispered, “Sir, I would ask for an eternity of time, for with that I could make the money, to buy the house, the land, and the automobile and live long enough to enjoy them!” Young Chad had a bad case of sickle cell. He knew he had limited time. He knew the true value of time.