Text Illustrations
There’s the true story of a young married man who was accepted as an African Missionary. It was the great ambition of his young life. He reported to New York harbor with his wife and soon arrived in Africa. It wasn’t long, however, that he found his wife could not physically tolerate the climate. It was killing her. Broken-hearted, he returned home.

His father was a dentist, but the young man felt no inclination to become a dentist. His father had, however, a small business on the side making an unfermented wine for use in churches for the Lord’s Supper. The young man began to dabble in this business until he finally took over its management. What a waste of time he must have thought as he labored at making grape juice. The business, however, prospered, and the man eventually gave millions to missions around the world. His company is known today as Welch’s Grape Juice.