Text Illustrations
A few weeks ago I visited my family physician, Dr. Stuckert. After a few minutes in the waiting room the nurse took me back. The first thing she did was weigh me, then she took my temperature. Then she asked, why I had come to see the doctor. I told her, I was having headaches for the last week, and my sinuses were all stopped up, and I was having difficulty breathing. She wrote all this down on my file. She then left, after promising the doctor would be in to see me soon. A few minutes later, in walked Dr. Stuckert. He read my chart, and also asked me about my symptoms. He then took out his little light and looked in my ears, up my sinuses, and down my throat. After he had gathered all the facts, he diagnosed the problem. “You have a serious sinus infection,” he said. Then he prescribed a cure, ten days of antibiotics.

What does that have to do with this message, you might be thinking. Well, sometimes, as a pastor, I have to look at people like a doctor, a spiritual doctor, and diagnose the problem and suggest a cure.