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There’s a new "reality" TV show on Fox Network called "Temptation Island" that is the subject of discussion these days. Many people are very upset about it and various groups are fighting against it.

Temptation Island is a short-order unscripted series in which four unmarried couples travel to the Caribbean to test and explore the strength of their relationship. Once on the island, the couples are introduced to eligible singles and then separated from their partners until the final day of their stay. The object for the couples is to see if they love each other enough to overcome temptation. The object for the singles is to see if they can tempt the couples to be unfaithful. The object for Fox TV is to make a lot of money off people who can’t resist the temptation to watch such garbage. (Are people watching it? Yes. More than 16 million people found the debut of Fox’s reality series "Temptation Island" irresistible -- the network’s biggest audience ever for a Wednesday series debut. )

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The object of this illustration is to point out a similarity between this "reality" TV ...

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