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Text Illustrations
On April 21st, in the year 1519, the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez sailed into the harbor of Vera Cruz, Mexico. He brought with him only about 600 men, and yet over the next two years his vastly outnumbered forces defeated Montezuma and all the warriors of the Aztec empire, making Cortez the conqueror of all Mexico. How was this incredible feat accomplished, when two prior expeditions had failed to even establish a colony on Mexican soil? Cortez knew from the very beginning that he and his men faced incredible odds. He knew that the road before them would be dangerous and difficult. He knew that his men would be tempted to abandon their mission and return to Spain. And so, as soon as Cortez and his men came ashore and unloaded their provisions, he ordered their entire fleet of eleven ships destroyed. His men stood on the shore and watched as their only possibility of retreat burned and sank. From that point on, they knew beyond any doubt that there was no turning back. Nothing lay behind them but an empty ocean. They had only two options, to conquer or to die. When Elisha burned his plow and killed his oxen, he did the same thing. He stepped out of his old life and into a new one with his hope and faith firmly fixed on God.