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Mike Slaughter tells the story of rushing through the airport to catch his connecting flight. He ran into the bathroom and went into a stall. And when he began to pull on the toilet paper, and a Gospel tract fell out onto the floor. He picked it up and began to read these words: "Sister Charity was told that she would reign and rule with Satan in Hell but would never be tormented." Yet the picture showed her burning in these flames as she cries out: "Holy Father, I'm burning in hell. How can this be when I served you so well?" So then he pulled a little bit more toilet paper and another tract fall out. He pulls some more and another tract falls out. Apparently, a hopefully well-meaning, demented Christian figured out how to turn a toilet paper dispenser into a Gospel tract dispenser. They must have unrolled the toilet paper and calculated just about how much each person would use.

And then Mike says, "A true missionary understands that God is not about burning up people in Hell but burning hell out of people so we can be free to live as God intended us to be."

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