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Should we strive to be like Jesus! Of course! But He was perfect, and for me, there’s always a little sense within that I know I am going to fall short of that perfection. I know I should keep it as a goal before me. Frankly, if I aim for that, I’ll get nearer than if I don’t, and if I am devoted in my heart to yielding to the Lord, I will succeed in that more often than I fail.

But I am also encouraged because I can look at the life of another human being -- a flesh and blood man such as I, imperfect in his humanity but still a great Saint of God, a man whose life is laid out for me in such a way that he comes to life before my eyes. And then I can watch his life over and over -- as much as I want! -- and study it to the depth of detail so that I can learn what he knewm, try to do the things he did, try to master the skills he demonstrated, with the great and grand and glorious purpose of making me more of what God wants me to be.

If we all did that, then we as a church collectively will be more of what God wants us to be!

I think of all the Old Testament Saints, Nehemiah is one of the best examples to help us, and yet one of the least appreciated, least studied and least preached. He’s often referred to mostly has a joke: "Who’s the shortest man in the Bible? Knee-hi-miah!" But nothing could be further from the truth! He was a giant of the faith once delivered to the Saints, and when we examine the major qualities of his character -- love for his fellow man, prayer, faith, courage, and an inspiration to others to do that which is right and Godly -- he can become what he ought to be, what he is: one of the greatest heroes in the all the Bible, especially to anyone who says they love God. Nehemiah’s life and book can help us love God better, and eventually be more Christ-like.

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