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Our world has changed dramatically in the past 100 years, and futurists predict that even greater changes are coming. Consider these facts:

We now watch as routine space shuttles that propel people into space and land routinely. Yet, it was under 100 years ago that the first airplane flew at Kitty Hawk.

The first mass produced Model T Ford came off the assembly only 80 plus years ago, yet we now have the first hybrid cars combining gas and electricity. According to experts, it won’t be long until we can purchase automobiles capable of getting 75-100 miles per gallon, that respond to voice commands, and that automatically avoid collisions.

Penicillin was discovered only 60 some years ago yet we’ve successfully implanted an artificial heart, and have made tremendous strides in cancer research.

Our world is constantly changing and what applies to our culture also applies to us as individuals. We move, we think differently, we age. Many of us are like the man who accepted the invitation to attend his ...

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