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Listen to some of these statistics from the US bureau on Statistics about the 1990’s. Every 30 seconds there was a divorce in America. Every 4th child in America was born to an unwed mother. STD’s have reached medically defined epidemic proportions. 47% of all children in America now live in homes bearing the scars of personal divorce.

No wonder we have a call to, "We need to get back to family values." But here’s the other side that may not be good news. What exactly are “traditional family values”? Like the "Newsweek" magazine article some time ago by Joe Klein, which headlined the question: "Family Values? Whose Values?" What values are we going to accept? Just look at TV for example and ask that question. Whose family values are you going to implement? The Simpsons? The Bundy’s? The Barone’s? The Camden’s? You see it’s politically correct now and many want to say, “Let’s get back to family values,” but where are you going to find those values?

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