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Text Illustrations
Robert Schuller tells of a time early in his ministy when he was experiencing great opposition. He was unable to sleep, panic-stricken, and the thought came to him, "Schuller, you’re cracking up." He desperately prayed, "Jesus Christ, are you dead or alive? I’ve been preaching it every Easter. But are you a myth? Are you a legend? Or are you really alive? Do you care?" Then he says that he felt a finger go through his skull deep into his brain--pressure, but no pain. The finger went deep and slowly withdrew, taking with it all anxiety, all depression, and all fear of failure. Peace flowed from the top of his head over his body. Jesus had touched him and made him alive. He then fell into the deepest sleep and awoke the next morning, walked out to go to his office, and stopped in his tracks, startled by the beautiful roses. He turned quickly to his wife, and said, "Honey, the roses are blooming." She said, "Oh, Bob, they’ve been blooming for three months." (Source:

Schuller’s message, "Alive Now," date unknown)