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TEAM: Together Each Accomplishes More!

I was a student on the LMU campus in the early ’70’s.

There was a required course called Music Appreciation.

We had to spend hours in the music library listening to Masterpieces from the music greats.

One day while digging through some old albums, I ran across this title that caught my eye, THE UNASHAMED ACCOMPANIMENT.

I stopped and read the small print. Seems this great pianist played for the great opera singers.

He often played for the great tender singer, Luciano Pavarotti in Italy, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, London, and Paris.

He also played for many other great and famous singers.

But people never knew him, he was just an accompaniment.

The marquee never had this man’s name, and if it did, it was in very small letters. 31 years later I don’t remember his name?


His talent was used to support and complement and bring completeness to great vocal masters. This musician was a master of his art but he was

always in a subordinate part, A SUPPORTIVE PART.

Remember several years ago the Oak Ridge Boys sang a song, EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A LEAD GUITAR PLAYER FOR


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