Text Illustrations
In the Star Wars films I love the character of Yoda. He is from an alien race of small creatures about 3 feet high, with a green-brown complexion. Yoda is old. He hobbles around on a walking stick and yet his words are full of wisdom for his pupils. In many ways he is a pitiful sight. At one point towards the end of Episode Two he faces the evil Count Dooku. Essentially both of them are armed with high-tech swords. The agile Count Dooku attacks the pathetic, small, rather aged Yoda. Suddenly Yoda is spinning, twisting and turning, fending off every blow. His movement is like that of a young man and a tremendous battle follows. Afterwards, as Dooku manages to escape, Yoda picks up his walking stick, and hobbles around for the rest of the film, back to his normal self. How tempting it must have been for Yoda to always be swashbuckling, agile and charismatic; yet he saved his demonstrations of power for the right moments. The cross was not the time for Jesus to exhibit great power. He was pinned to the cross. There he hung.

Jesus’ demonstration of power was to come in the resurrection, not by the way he reacted to insults.