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In fact, I want to take a look for a moment at an interesting chain of events in Christian history.

• Sunday School teacher Edward Kimball helped lead Dwight L. Moody to Christ;

• J. Wilbur Chapman attended a Dwight L. Moody evangelistic meeting in Chicago in the 1870’s and received personal counseling and an assurance of his salvation from Mr. Moody. He later became a friend and coworker of DL Moody, hiring a former baseball star named Billy Sunday as an advance man for him;

• Billy Sunday held an evangelistic campaign in Charlotte in 1924 and a men’s prayer and fellowship group, originally known as the Billy Sunday Layman’s Evangelistic Club and later renamed as Charlotte Businessmen’s Club (CBMC), grew out of those meetings It was this group that invited Mordecai Ham to Charlotte to hold evangelistic meetings in 1934;

• Mordecai Ham preached a sermon where a 16 year-old young man now known as Billy Graham went forward and received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior;

• And, Billy Graham has preached to hundreds of millions of people all over the world and seen literally millions won to Christ.

See the lineage of salvation that continues to radiate today from the faithfulness of one humble, quiet man witnessing to a shoe salesman? See the impact that even a quiet life given over to Jesus Christ can have on the world around them?

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