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Francis Chan says that his life is not radical compared to the lives in the Book of Acts. 

Francis Chan is an author and church leader, formerly the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California. Chan has authored several books, including Crazy Love and Forgotten God. He is also the founder of Eternity Bible College and sits on the board of directors of Children's Hunger Fund and World Impact. Francis lives in California with his wife, Lisa, and their four children.

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Paul Alan Smith

commented on Jul 11, 2011

I love the simple way Francis explains the big picture to us.

Glen Maidment

commented on Jul 12, 2011

Brother Francis you are an inspiration and a great encourager. God bless and use you mightly.

Derrick Tuper

commented on Jul 12, 2011

Great stuff. Reminded me of the old addage, "If you were on trial for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?" would it be "beyond a reasonable doubt"? We don't have to live lives like Peter and Paul but we need to be sold out for Jesus like they were. We need to incorporate the attitude of the first century Christian church. We should be measuring our lives and our church up to biblical standars and seeing how they stack up and pray and move accordingly. Thank you Mr. Chan for the inspiration.

Jenny Cloud

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