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Mother's Day is the 3rd-highest church attendance day of the year, after Christmas and Easter. This is a great opportunity to reach both new visitors and current members with the Gospel. 

20 Powerful Mother's Day Sermons and Worship Resources


1.  All Time Best Mother’s Day Sermon Illustrations

Discover THE BEST Mother's Day sermon illustrations for preaching on this special day.

2. A Testimony of Faith

Scriptures: Proverbs 31:10-31 

Summary: Some of the lessons that have been taught through the years by some very loving and God-fearing mothers that ever walked the earth. 

3. The Power of Mom

Scripture: Psalms 22:1-24 

Summary: For Christians Psalm 22 is a "messianic" psalm. But when it was written many would have seen the picture of a man struggling with doubt and despair, who overcame that hopelessness by what his mother taught him.

4. A Mother's Day Meditation

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:1-28

Summary: The role of the mother needs to be exalted to the high position God intended. 

5. The Mother of Moses

Scripture: Exodus 2:1-11

Summary: A sermon for Mother's Day in which we honor mothers, as well as encourage them by looking at the mother of Moses and her example of faith

6. Childless on Mother's Day

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:1-20

Summary: A different slant on Mother’s Day

7. Lasting Love on Mother's Day

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:1 

Summary: What greater Love between two Humans then the love between a mother and her child.

8. Questions for a Happy Mother's Day

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:1-28 

Summary: Discover what we can learn from Elkanah and Hannah to have a happy Mother’s Day

9. The Anchor Holds

Scripture: Isaiah 40:28-31 

Summary: I think it goes without saying that it takes a very special person to be a Mother. Being a parent changes everything. But being a parent also changes with each baby.

10. Mary's Great Sermon

Scripture: John 2:1-5

Summary: If I were to ask you who the most famous mother in history was, who would you think? 

11. Faith of a Desperate Single Mom

Scripture: 1 Kings 17:7-24

Summary: This single mom’s faith has great lessons for us as we celebrate Mother’s Day.

12. A Mother's Influence

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:5 

Summary: The lasting influence of a mother upon the life of her children.

13. Mothers: God's Precious Gift

Scripture: Proverbs 31:1-30, Proverbs 31:1

Summary: She is gracious to her household, she is gracious to her family, she is gracious to the needy, she is a woman of GRACE! A precious gift from God!

14. Bible Moms

Scripture: Exodus 2:1-10 

Summary: A Mother’s Day sermon, reflecting on the struggles and trials of Bible mothers, especially focusing on the story of Moses’ mom


15. PowerPoint Package: Mother's Day Flourish 

A whimsical take on honoring moms for your Mother's Day service. A complete set of slides for your entire service, including announcements, events, and more.

16. PowerPoint Package: Mother's Day

A complete set of handpainted-style slides for your Mother's Day worship service. 

17. PowerPoint Package: Awesome Mom

18. PowerPoint Package: Mother's Day Quilt 

Honor the mothers in your congregation, illustrate your Mother's Day message and promote your Mother's Day event.

19. Video: Mother's Day

A heartwarming video celebrating moms. Includes UK version.

20. Video: Mother's Day Countdown 

This 5 minute countdown honors mothers everywhere on Mother's Day.

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