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Leadership Matters: 15 Leadership Sermon and Worship Resources 

Today, more than ever, the world needs godly leaders who follow Christ wholeheartedly. Here are 15 leadership sermon and worship resources you can use today, including sermons from Andy Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Wayne Cordeiro, Larry Osborne, and more.


1. The Credibility Factor, by Andy Stanley

God give us men and women whose walk matches their talk personally, politically, and professionally at every level. Give us Nehemiahs.

2. Quitters and Winners, by Chuck Swindoll

Quitting is a common malady among Christians. Many start this race with a false concept of its requirements, and leave disillusioned. 

3. Building Margins and Resources, by Wayne Cordeiro

Margins may be defined as “the space between your load and your limit.” The load represents the things that you carry every day. You reach a limit when you crack and go over the edge. Synonyms for margin include a buffer, space, reserves, or reservoir.

4. The Care & Feeding of a Spiritual Leader, by Larry Obsorne

We can recite failings of the Biblical heroes without being fazed (we teach them to kids!) But shocked & dismayed when modern-day heroes have feet of clay.

5. Risk It, by Kenton Beshore

A message encouraging young leaders to step out in faith and risk, including biblical instruction and advice from 1 Timothy 4:10-16.

6. The Joy and Grief of Leadership

While this emphasis on leadership is essential, it is only one side of the equation. There is no leadership when there are no followers. Like leaders, followers need to be taught, trained, encouraged, and empowered to follow.

7. Deborah: God's Leading Lady

Where would the church of Jesus Christ be today without the ladies? Deborah is an excellent example to all God’s people that He can use any of us in His service if we are willing and obedient to His call on our lives.

8. No Second Chances

God forgives our sin but we must suffer the consequences.

9. Leadership Outside of the Church

Not only were you created to witness, you were created to walk in God’s full authority.

10. Characteristics of Christian Leadership

God can use people with or without natural ability and proper background. God often chooses to work with raw material. He prepares and empowers those He chooses to do His work. He does not need to use people who took the part or who are already popular.

11. Leadership Essentials

Exposition of Nehemiah 2:9-20 about Nehemiah’s journey to Jerusalem and the first part of gathering the troops and casting the vision.


12. PowerPoint Package: Leadership Lighthouse 

Encourage your leaders to be a light to their followers with this background set.

13. PowerPoint Package: The Measure of a Leader

Download this set of PowerPoint slides for your next leadership series.

14. PowerPoint Package: Leadership 

Use this background for a sermon on godly leadership or submission to authority.

15. Video: Moses

The book of Exodus is filled with the story of God pursuing his people in a big way. Often epic and dramatic, Exodus follows the story of Moses and his leadership of God's people as they escaped from Egypt. God will do whatever it takes to free his people.


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