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Story of Sam the dog,

Growing up we had a farm dog and his name was Sam. Sam never had any of the frills dogs nowadays enjoy. Sam was never allowed to beg at the table, because Sam was never allowed in the house and was only fed table scraps my mom turned into some kind of gravy stuff.

Sam never had a dog house, fancy bed or a fancy dog sweater. I don’t think Sam ever even went to the vet for a shot. Sams only perk he was allowed to do, was to hang around and chase cars up and down the road. Everyone always said Sam would Probably get hit by a car doing that, but he never did get hit.

Sam hung around his whole life for scraps and by the way he lived to be 21 yrs old and died of old age.

Now while this is just a story from my childhood, the devil would have you think all you are entitled to, is a life like Sams. No frills, no promise, a no nothing kind of life with just a scrap thrown to you every once and a while.

God doesn’t do scraps, God’s Love He has for you offers a buffet of promise, hope, Favor and Blessing!

God wants you to know, life doesn’t have to be that way, you can have life on the grand scale! Because if you know and have a relationship with Jesus you can have and are entitled to an abundant life. A blessed life with a lifetime guaranteed seat at the table and will never have to settle for scraps!

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