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Suppose you take a tour of an art museum that is advertising a look at the most important work in all of history.

The curator points out some famous and priceless works by Picasso, Rembrandt and others. Then, he says to you, "I want you to see the most significant painting ever created", and he leads you into a locked room in which there is nothing but an easel and what appears to be a painting underneath a veil.

Then the curator says, "Before I unveil it, I want to tell you the story of this work and why it is truly the only one like it. One day a gifted artist was working in her studio. She completed a masterpiece and put it in a special case for protection. She had an easel with a fresh. blank white canvas already set up to begin her next masterpiece. Her brushes and paints were on the lip of the easel, and as she walked by she accidentally knocked the paint and the blank canvas onto the floor, with multiple shades of oil paint spilling onto it. But, before she picked it up and began cleaning up the mess, she noticed that there was already a beautiful scene on the canvas. Yes, it's true! This painting is completely an accident and there is no human artist!"

With that the curator lifts the veil and you see a beautiful painting of a forest, with trees, their leaves brightening as if it is early fall. There is a little stream running through this scene that appears to empty into a beautiful pond. Above in the horizon, there are white, puffy cumulus clouds and one dark grey cloud intruding into this scene, mixed with golden beams of sunshine.

Now the curator asks you, "What do you think of this accident?" Few people could be convinced by the curator's tale of the unpainted painting, yet, how many believe a yarn far more unbelievable than this for the actual existence for that forest.., and the entire planet, the universe.., everything that exists tangibly?

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