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When the sheep strayed, the shepherd left the 99 and searched for the lost one.

I was that lost sheep, I got saved at an early age, and loved the lord with all my heart. Everything was great in my life, I married the girl of my dreams, then my world fell apart. In 1968, I got a letter from Uncle Sam, saying “Greetings your presence is required U.S. Army” I was drafted and had to leave my wife. A short time later I was stationed at Fort Campbell. My wife and I had a Child, I was on happy street, then orders to go to Vietnam came, I was Devastated. I felt like I had lost everything, leaving my wife and child behind, I also left God behind. I was bitter and mad at God even though He spared my life many times. After my tour in Vietnam, my family was reunited I was still angry with God. I was that lost Sheep Who Had Strayed.

Then He left the 99 and come searching for me. THANK GOD HE FOUND ME.

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