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A lot gets accomplished when people work together.

In the summer of 1904, at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, it was hot and people were searching for something to help cool them off. A vendor named Arnold had just what they were looking for……something called ice cream. People lined up for what seemed like miles to get some of his cool and satisfying ice cream but there was one problem - Arnold was not prepared for the demand and ran out of paper bowls. Next to Arnold’s ice cream booth was a man named Ernest, a pastry chef who was making a Persian wafer desert. Ernest also had a problem, his pastry was not selling. He noticed the problem Arnold was having and took some warm pastry and rolled it into a cone shape. He then went over and showed Arnold how the cone could hold a scoop of the ice cream. On that hot day during the World’s Fair in St Louis the first ICE CREAM CONE was born! These two vendors worked together to solve problems and served a bigger purpose than one man alone could perform.

It’s no different when it comes to the Church. In order to get things done...…..God's people need to work together.

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