Sermon Illustrations

When William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, felt the call of the Lord to go into the streets of London and begin ministering to street people, he stood in a Methodist Conference meeting and requested permission from the presiding bishop to be released from his church to go into the streets and preach. The bishop heard the request and denied it, telling Booth that they would not waste a man of his education and talent on the people of the streets.

Upon hearing this, Booth sat down, resigned to defeat. His wife was seated in the balcony because women were not allowed on the first floor. She stood up and leaned over the rail. She called to her husband and told him to listen to God and not to man. She vowed to stand with her husband against every foe. She came down from the balcony and took her husband by the arm. Together they left the building to go into the streets to win people to Jesus. He was ready to quit, but his wife, a lady who usually had to stay in the background, stepped out of the shadow of her husband to hold up his arms at a critical time in his life!

Pastor's Wife, you are a blessing to your husband and to your church. Never underestimate your calling, value and impact upon the Kingdom of God. If Pilate would have listened to his wife......he never would have crucified Jesus.

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