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There was this wonderful King that loved his people so much. This King had prayed for a son for years. But all he and the queen ever had was a DAUGHTER. She was absolutely beautiful. To add to her beauty she was the smartest woman in the Kingdom. For years the King looked for a handsome, strong wise young fellow to marry his daughter and be the next King. The King sent advisers into the schools to find the right man? This seemed vanity? The King sent questionnaires to be filled out honestly. Still no potential husband for his daughter. The King would disguise himself and walk through the streets. He found not one young man qualified.

One day the King was so old and he feared he would die without a successor. So after talking to his advisors and they decided on the FINAL TEST. They called every single young man to meet at the west side of the castle. Each young man was to be there at 2 PM. The contest would be established. THE DRAW BRIDGE WAS RAISED AND CLOSED. The test would be simple. The MOTE… The MOTE HAD THOUSANDS OF PIRANHAS that could prey on a human and eat a person to the bone in minutes. The king’s men on the wall threw a piece of meat in the water, in seconds, the red meat was gone. There were 15 sharks that had not been fed in over a month. The king’s guards poured blood into the mote and a feeding frenzy revealed the sharks. There were so many alligators they could not be counted. On either side of the mote there were rattlesnakes, copperheads and cotton mouths soaking up the sun. Besides all of this there were scorpions… all these obstacles were drawn to the west side of the castle. The king’s guards were standing on the wall and pointed out there was little chance of survival.

The King had his beautiful daughter give a little speech from the top of the wall. She was more beautiful than any woman in the kingdom. So the KING ANNOUNCED HOW TO MARRY HIS DAUGHTER AND BECOME A BILLIONAIRE OVER NIGHT. The contest was easy. Whoever was the first contestant to SWIM ACROSS THE MOTE WOULD MARRY THE KING’S DAUGHTER AND BECOME THE NEXT KING to succeed the old man.

Thousands of men were gathered around the mote with all the deadly animals swimming in plain view. There was a great discussion how insane it would be to dive in the water and try crossing the mote. Several young men were standing at the edge of the mote. ALL OF A SUDDEN ONE YOUNG MAN HIT THE WATER, THERE WAS NO TURNING BACK. He swam with everything in him. He was screaming, splashing and was swimming at a world record pace. He stayed ahead of the piranhas, he swam around a gator. He made it to the shore. He was a mighty hero. Everyone was cheering for him on both sides of the mote. He made it past the snakes. Two soldiers pulled him up the wall… to meet the lovely princess. The King congratulated his new son in law and crowned him the bravest man in the kingdom. UNDER THE NEW KINGS BREATH HE WAS WHISPERING: I WISH I KNEW WHO PUSHED ME INTO THE MOTE AND CAUSED THE DIRT TO BREAK OFF AND LAUNCH ME INTO THE WATER?

CONCLUSION: GOD NEEDS YOUR HANDS! GOD WILL SUPPORT YOU AND MAKE A WAY WHERE THERE IS NO WAY. Will you give your hands and accept God’s heart? Abraham waited 25 years? Joseph’s hands waited 17 years. Job seemed to suffer endlessly… His hands, God’s heart. Maybe some times the ground beneath you will break off? Other times LIFE WILL SHOVE YOU… Is your excuse: “I CAN”T?” or is your excuse: “ I DON’T WANT TO? Or I WON’T.” TRANSITION AND CHANGE ARE COMING… OFFER GOD YOUR HANDS AND HE WILL GIVE YOU HIS HEART. What is your potential?

His servant, Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

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