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When this coronavirus Is over and life returns to normal, may we never, ever take for granted again.....

* A handshake or a kind word from a stranger

* A hug from a friend

* Worshipping with other believers in a crowded church service

* A boring night at home

* Full shelves at the grocery store

* A Friday night out with the wife or husband at your favorite restaurant

* Looking for a parking space at your kid's ballgame

* Coffee with a long-time friend

* Kisses on the cheek by your grandchild

* Conversations with neighbors

* Long walks with the dog

* Wedding ceremonies for someone special in your life

* A busy day at the office

* Saying goodbye in a funeral service to a loved one you won't see until you get to Heaven

* Each and every breath on earth

When this coronavirus ends, may we find that we have become more like the person we wanted to be and were called to be and may we stay that way until God calls us home.

Lord, forgive us for taking so many of your simple blessings in life for granted.

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