Sermon Illustrations

A story is told about a boy who desperately wanted to meet Christ. He was praying hard about it. One day, the Lord told him to walk up the mountain carrying his cross. He took his cross and began his journey. In some time, he began to feel the heaviness of the cross. He cut out a small portion of it and began to walk. Soon later, he still felt the cross heavy. He again cut out another portion and continued his journey. This happened a few more times till he finally reached the mountain top. There, he found Jesus standing at the peak of another neighbouring mountain. Jesus told him, “My son, now lay down your cross and walk over it to me.” But as he laid down his cross, he found that it could not bridge the two mountains. The gap was exactly the same that he had cut down. He realized that had he managed to bear the cross without cutting it down, he would have reached Jesus.

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