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How do we find rest through the chaotic mess the accuser continually throws at society? By coming, believing and trusting with the faith of a child!

By trusting in our God given measure of faith and realizing everything is going to be alright, because God says it will and that’s enough!

Growing up, I thought my dad could and fix anything. I treasured the times just he and I would take a long road trip. I remember one time in 1973 when I was about ten years old and we had eaten supper out, which was a big deal!

We pulled out after eating on U.S. 30 and a hot rod pulled up next to us. We were driving what probably weighed two times or more than the other car, but still I thought my dads car was the fastest car around.

It was a 68’ Ford 4 door station wagon, with a three on the tree and a 390 V8 with a 4 bbl carb, which by today’s standards would describe a tank.

I leaned over with all the faith in the world in my dad and whispered to him, “you can take him dad!”

And that’s exactly how God wants us to be with Him, when we ask Him to accomplish the impossible situations in life!

To come, ask and believe with only the expectation and faith of a child!

Whatever you may face, no matter how big the situation might seem, God only requires childlike faith to move the mountain and meet any need!

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