Sermon Illustrations

A Mother and her son were talking. His mother lived for nearly 94 years. One day around her 90th year she said something like, "If I had known I would live this long, I would have fixed the dishwasher." It had stopped working. So there it sat quietly waiting to be fixed. She thought it foolish to repair her dishwasher in her mid 80's. After all, both of her parents had died really young, and she had nearly doubled that. So why waste the money. After hearing her story we bought her a new dishwasher that year. She used it for nearly 9 years.

How many things have we put on the back burner and maybe even stopped thinking about sometimes because we didn't see a way for it to happen, it became too hard or it became a burden. Maybe like the woman and her dishwasher didn't want to spend the money.

Is there someone the Lord has ask you to witness too and we haven't done it. Have you been asked to do something in the Church and you didn't do it or be on a committee and we turned it down.

Are there things we want to do now but there are something or things holding us back. Sometimes we make our own quicksand or roadblocks. We say “well I just can’t right now.” “I don’t have enough time.” I’m not talented in that way.” “Trust me when I say any Choir Director will let you sing in the Choir.” “Things like attending Sunday School or United Methodist Women meeting.”

Or fixing that dishwasher.

I had a lady at a church I served that after every discussion about anything she would stand up and say “Let's just pray about it and let God fix it.” She would dismiss everything and just let God do it. Failing to understand that God works through His people. God has given us common since, knowledge and understand to use as we let God walk with us to fix our problems.