Sermon Illustrations

pilot vertigo: My Division Officer in the Navy was also a Naval aviator. On his way home from a mission over Afghanistan he got vertigo (a dizzy confused state of mind caused by the inner ear). His senses were confused. The biggest was his sense of flight. Which can be deadly when landing on an aircraft carrier deck at night in the middle of the Persian Gulf. He thought his plane was flying up right but when he looked at the instruments he was flying upside down. Everything he did was backward according to the instruments but in his mind they were correct.

He could follow what he thought was right or he could depend on his instruments. He said over riding what he felt was right was the hardest thing to do. The struggle that took place in his mind was over whamming to him. You can figure out what he depended on: because he lived to tell the story.

Our conscience (learned past personal history) can be the hardest thing to overcome even when we feel we are right. However it’s our relationship with God that will give us the true meaning of what is right and what is wrong. Our true knowledge of Biblical principles, our understanding of what was happening at the time written, and our understanding as led by God through his Holy Spirit and His freedoms should be our way of life.

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